2011 Goals

I’ve never been one to set out annual goals which is strange since I do so love checklists. I like the accountability of having a list of goals online, and I also like having them written down so I can easily refer to them. 2010 was a huge year for me, I ran my first marathon, moved across the country with J to a place neither of us had ever been, and started a brand new job. I wonder if 2011 could possibly be as exciting 🙂

1. Run a half marathon in under two hours and run a 5K in under 24:30.
My current PR for the half is 2:04, but I’m sadly out of running shape. Breaking the two hour barrier just seems so significant to me, but I have to get back in running shape, and then back in fast running shape! I’ll take first aim at this goal in the Oakland half marathon on March 27th.

I like running fast, and I’d like to really devote myself to some speed training and see how fast I can really run. My current 5K PR is just over a year old at the 2009 Turkey Trot in my hometown. It was a confluence of perfect events and a truly awesome pace partner (thanks Alex!). Running faster than that is daunting, but I suppose that’s the point of a goal!

2. Commit to contributing to the blog community through comments on my favorite blogs and launching my own blog.
I’ve been reading blogs devoted to fitness and food for two years now. This community has been a major source of motivation for me, helping me to lose weight, transform my diet, and helping me to train for my first marathon. I want to give back to this community that has been so helpful and inspirational to me.

3. Set a monthly budget and save for something fun.
I’ve always been pretty good about saving money, but this year I want to designate sub-accounts for my saving so that paying into them is more fun. Adding to a travel account is way more fun than just transferring money to a generic savings fund that I know I’m supposed to be building up. Also, now that I have a full time job it should be easier to set a monthly budget than it was when I was working on contract.

4. Practice yoga on a weekly basis.
I found a studio that I love here in Berkeley. (shout out to square one !) I have finally found a good space in this yoga practice, where I feel like yoga helps strengthen me and also helps me to be gentler with myself. The physical benefits are great (need core strength!) but the yoga head space I get after a practice is so much better.

5. Take advantage of living in Berkeley.
I’ve moved to this great place that is practically synonymous with some of the values relating to food and sustainability that are so important to me. I want to take more advantage of being here, and to get a better sense of the real Berkeley and the East Bay vibe. More specifically, I’d love to take a cooking class and check out more community events. I’d also like to make it to the farmers’ market more, though the lure of Berkeley Bowl is hard to resist.

6. Do scary things.
There are a lot of athletic activities that I’m a little afraid of, and I hate being afraid of things. This year I’d like to do my first open water scuba dive, and be proud of myself for doing it, however it goes. I also want to be able to confidently ski something other than a bunny slope and avoid the high speed ski freak outs.

7. Cook at least two meals a month with J.
I love to cook. I really do. I adore cookbooks (I have a serious problem with Amazon one-click). I save recipes off my favorite blogs to cook, and grocery shopping is legitimately one of my favorite activities. It’s often easier for me to plan and cook for us and not let J help (even when he offers). Yet some of my favorite memories are of the crazy meals we’ve made together, and I’d like to try and do this more regularly. Even though cooking together means I’ll have to help clean up…

8. Be more proactive about figuring out how to make nutrition and public health concerns a part of my career.
I obsessively read books about health and nutrition and have been known to read the health section of the NY times before I’ve checked my email in the morning. I learned long ago that my passion is most represented by my library books, and for the last few years I’ve devoured books on health, cooking, and running. I want to figure out how to make this passion a part of my career. I’m going to contact people who have jobs that I find fascinating and try and figure out my own path from learning about theirs.

9. Plant a garden.
For the first time in my independent life I have a backyard, and now I live in Northern California. I’ve never even been able to keep a pot of basil alive in my window sill, but I really want to plant and tend a successful herb garden with at least a few vegetables. This will definitely require some research on my part that I plan to share on the blog. My parents both have green thumbs, so maybe mine has just been in hiding all these years.

10. Train for and compete in my first triathlon.
This goes hand in hand with the “do scary things” goal, as I am very nervous in the water. This has been been something that I’ve flirted with for a long time, and I just need to devote myself to swimming, maybe take some lessons, and really get over this fear. Luckily the swim is first, so if I don’t drown, the rest will be gravy!

11. Communicate more with the people I love.
Since I moved across the country, it’s not as easy to just grab dinner with a friend or drop by my grandmother’s house. I’m going to try and send one personal email a week to someone I love. This is an easy thing to do for my favorite people, and it should really be a treat for me as well.

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