Oatmeal Pancakes

I adore weekend mornings. Breakfast is my favorite meal, and the weekends offer plenty of time to devote to a meal more involved than pouring a bowl of cereal. Weekends also usually promise enough sleep to come up with more creative recipe ideas. Forget dreams of sugarplums, I wake on Saturday morning thinking “huevos rancheros or french toast?” My current favorite homemade Saturday morning meal is brioche french toast with a raspberry sauce. Sweet and tart, and practically a guarantee of a good weekend to come.

So as a lover of breakfast, and also a lover of Bittman, when The Minimalist ran a column on whole grain pancakes, I was intrigued. Really, I was ready to rush home and make pancakes for dinner on a Thursday night. Somehow I summoned some patience and waited until Saturday morning. Though all three of the whole grain pancake recipes sounded wonderful, I had everything for the cardamom-scented oatmeal pancakes with apricots and almonds.

Oatmeal also alternates as one of my go-to weekday breakfasts, so I was excited to dress it up for a more elaborate weekend breakfast. I used steel cut oats for the 2 cups of cooked oatmeal, and rolled oats for the additional dry ingredients in the recipe. The pancakes came together quickly, and the cardamom scent was unexpected but made the pancakes seem more special. I had just been introduced to cardamom via this incredible cake, and now cardamom is making a run at cinnamon for my favorite spice. I loved the lacy look of the crispy outside of the pancakes, and I made them a little smaller giving the cakes a dainty look that contrasted with the dense, serious, hold you over for five hours power of this breakfast.

oatmeal cardamom pancakes

With some local honey (well, local to Vermont where my mom got me a jar in response to my persistent begging), these pancakes were wonderful. I toasted the leftovers this morning, and they were just as good. I think next time I’ll try leaving out the apricots, and use a mashed banana for part of the cooked oatmeal. Oatmeal banana pancakes with peanut butter … sounds like the breakfast of champions. Or at least, the breakfast of healthy living bloggers 🙂


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