More Veggie than Egg Frittata

I’m not sure where I saw the headline or title for a more veggie less egg frittata, but I instantly liked the idea. For this quick dinner I browned up some mushrooms. Ever since I first saw the movie Julie and Julia, I can’t seem to make mushrooms without thinking of that scene in Julie Powell’s tiny kitchen. In my head, I hear “don’t crowd the mushrooms, otherwise they won’t brown.” The don’t crowd the mushrooms advice was revolutionary for me, as previously I didn’t enjoy the rather squishy texture of mushrooms. I also found button mushrooms or cremini mushrooms to be a “why bother” type of bland. When I first succeeded in browning the mushrooms, instead of sort of accidentally boiling/steaming them, I was so amazed by how good they tasted that I devoured the entire pan. And then promptly made another batch.

So for my more veggie than egg frittata, I very carefully browned my uncrowded mushrooms then added about 2 cups of steamed broccoli to the pan. I scrambled two eggs with a little goat cheese, and poured the whole mixture into the pan. I might have underestimate the less egg part of the frittata because my egg mixture didn’t even sort of cover the broccoli. Still, I knew when I flipped the whole thing over it wouldn’t really matter. Besides, this was taking the more vegetable, less egg thing to a whole other level.

I love the pairing of mushrooms with goat cheese. Similar to the crostini with lentils, I think goat cheese pairs perfectly with things that taste “earthy.” I still haven’t really landed on a better description than that, but since my sister thinks goat cheese tastes like dust, I suppose it’s no surprise that “dusty” and “earthy” go well together 🙂 .


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