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I’ve been running with some regularity since I moved to Berkeley, though not as regularly as I ran in Boston.  I finished the Oakland Half Marathon in March and had a blast.  The race was fun; the course was great, and the people of Oakland were fantastic.  Now with our extra hour of daylight plus some truly fantastic early spring weather, I’m psyched back up for running.  I have my training plan all set for two more half marathons, and I’m in the early stages where it’s still super exciting to check a workout off your list.

I’ve also started running with the local lululemon running club on Wednesday evenings.  I bike the 2 miles to the store, run with the crew, and bike home.  I’ve met some great people, and running with a group is different and fun for me.  I’ve always trained on my own, so it’s cool to have people to chat with and people to try to catch up to.  Today was full of lots of diabolical hills, but judging by where the store is located (at the foot of the Berkeley hills!) I expect that’s going to be a theme.

It’s nice to be in the cheery, optimistic, early phases of a running schedule.  This week so far I have 3.5 miles and 5 sets of hill sprints under my belt, a hilly 4.5 miler yesterday, and a fartlek on tap for today.

Here’s hoping the weather holds out for this weekend’s long run!

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