Recipe Invention

I love cookbooks and recipes and definitely food blogs.  Usually many of the things that I rush home eager to make come straight out of a blog I just read, or are pulled from the page of my latest cookbook.  For me, reading has been a life long love, and reading about food is just icing on the cake.

When I’m in the grocery store I’ll often just buy what looks good and then later come home and look up recipes until I find one that I really like.  I’ll always adapt a recipe based on what I have on hand, but I’ve never conceived a new and interesting dish out of thin air.  I have a few comfortable themes in my cooking, and I’ll happily play multiple variations on them, adding different veggies to the pasta or changing the spice and herbs in the beans, but I don’t really consider adding chard and butternut squash to pasta to be recipe development.

I’m always impressed by bloggers who have innovative foodie ideas and carefully test their recipes to make sure each measurement is exact before sharing it.  It makes me thing of all the work that Julia Child did on “Mastering the Art of French Cooking.” (“My Life in France” by Julia Child is one of those books that people who love food just have to read!)  So today, after reading a few different food articles in the NY times, I was inspired.  I had a brilliant idea.  I came home tonight, ran by the grocery store, told J there was a surprise for dinner, and promptly set up shop in the kitchen.  I chopped and stirred and cooked, and felt weirdly excited. 

I’m proud (and not too modest) to say that my first invented from thin air recipe came out great!  We both loved it.  I especially loved how much it looked like an “entrée.”  I use the quotes because I often find that vegetarian and vegan dishes seem more like a collection of sides than a cohesive meal with a main element.  One day, I’ll write a cookbook full of vegetarian entrees that omnivores would recognize as dinner.  This will be the first recipe in it!  I’m being proper and scientific though, so you won’t be seeing this recipe until I’ve tested it again to confirm my measurements and proportions.  I even promise photos!


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