When You are Craving Veggies…

We’ve had a lot of wonderful visitors over the last few months.  It’s funny how people are more excited to visit us in California than they were to visit us back when we lived in Baltimore.  Having visitors tends to correspond with a lot of eating out.  Sharing favorite restaurants is just part of the tour for visitors, as far as I’m concerned.  (Hey, I’ve dragged all of our visitors to our grocery store too.  I’m special like that). 

Even though I know just as well as the next person that you can pick the healthy option when dining out, I still tend to treat eating out as a special occasion, deserving of food that I wouldn’t or couldn’t make at home.  Because of this, I have trouble ordering a salad when there’s porcini ravioli on the menu.  Luckily it only takes a few meals out like this before my system starts begging for vegetables.

When I was a kid, I totally thought adults were making this up.  Who craves veggies?  Ice cream, donuts, cheese, these were cravings I could get behind, but vegetables?  Well here I am at 26, and last week I was craving kale.  I swear.  I’m not actually certain if I was craving kale in particular, or if my body wanted the healthiest thing it could think of and chose kale.  Which brings me back to the question of when did kale become trendy?  But you can follow that tangent down here.

I went to my trusty Google reader and searched kale.  A truly surprising amount of hits popped up.


I happily searched through the results for a while, until I found a post I’d starred to save for later: a Quinoa Protein Bowl from Gena at Choosing Raw.  I ended up leaving out the edamame and the butternut squash, instead doubling the kale (I seriously needed the greens) and adding in some sliced and sautéed king trumpet mushrooms from the CSA box.  I didn’t change anything else, and I recommend you visit her site to get the sauce recipe.  It was wonderful, amazing, out of this world, and worthy of many other glowing adjectives. 

quinoa_kale_trumpet mushrooms_protein_bowl

I was so happy that I made it for dinner again the next night.  This meal prompted me to think about how tastes and preferences change over time.  Three years ago, I’d never heard of nutritional yeast.  Now, I don’t think I’ve made a single recipe with nooch that I didn’t love.  The sauce in this recipe is amazing, and I think it would be just as good drizzled over broccoli or potatoes.. or mashed into potatoes (that would be so good!).  Still, as much as I enjoyed this, and J did too, I know I would never have picked up this recipe three years ago.  There would have been too many “complicated” ingredients, and it would have sounded too “healthy.”  Hopefully that’s proof positive that you can change your tastes and preferences when it comes to food.  I can’t even imagine downing a bag of sour cream and onion chips (eww..) without my stomach turning, and those used to be one of my favorite snacks.

What’s a new food or dish that you’ve only recently started to enjoy?  Where were you first introduced to it?  I would never have tried nutritional yeast if I didn’t keep reading about it on blogs.


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