Workout Catch Up

I’ve been totally reveling in summer these last few weeks.  I come home from work or a run in the afternoon and walk straight through my house (past my laptop with my blog and twitter!) and straight into the backyard.  I think I’ve kicked back with a book nearly every afternoon for the past two weeks!  (I’ve been making joint farmers market/library runs every weekend).

So although I’ve spent less time online, I’ve been spending tons of time outside.  Working out in the sunshine barely feels like work Smile  So here’s a quick recap of the last few weeks in fitness.

June 13: First day of Crossfit on ramp program, plus a 3.5 mile run in the afternoon.

June 14: lunch time yoga in the sunny Square One studio

June 15: Crossfit Day 2, plus 3.25 miles with Berkeley’s Lululemon run club

June 16: lunch time yoga plus an 8 mile run (without my Garmin!)

June 17: Crossfit Day 3

June 18: 20 mile bike ride (holy hills!)

June 19: 3 hours of ocean kayaking at Bodega Bay (absolutely gorgeous day, and nearly no sunburn!)

June 20: Crossfit Day 4 plus a 4 mile run with 3 1K intervals at 10K pace

June 21: lunch time yoga

June 22: Crossfit Day 5 plus 5 miles in the Berkeley hills with Lululemon run club

June 23: lunch time yoga plus a 1 mile run (my knee started hurting and I freaked out and walked home)

June 24: Crossfit Day 6

June 25: rest! (actually, trying on bridesmaids dresses was more strenuous than a long run!)

June 26: 4 mile run along Iron Horse Trail at a fabulous running blogger meet up!


Crazy time!  I’ll do a full Crossfit review when I’ve finished the four week on ramp program.  So far I’m really enjoying the camaraderie of training with the same group every morning (at 7 AM!), plus the timed workouts bring out my crazy competitive side and push me much further than I would every push myself otherwise.


Do you swap up your workouts or do you have a favorite activity that you always turn to?


Workout Catch Up — 4 Comments

  1. So jealous of all the variety in your workouts! I need to get better about that, but actually my little break from running has been good because now I’m doing more weights, plus rotating through the elliptical, bike, and swimming

  2. I’m so excited that you are partaking in CrossFit! It’s such an empowering and crazy fun workout (well, most days!). Regardless, I’ve never questioned or not if I got a good workout afterwards…it puts my old workouts to shame.

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