Our Berkeley Garden: Week Six

It’s been a while now, and I’m totally amazed at how our garden has taken off.  Looking back to week one, I was so worried that nothing would grow!  We have lettuce coming out of our ears, and I haven’t had to buy kale, swiss chard, or zucchini from the grocery store in the last month. 


When we first planted the garden, everything had so much space.  Now the lettuce and the kale are all crowding together, and the zucchini plant is out of control.


Or, to put it a little more in perspective:


We’re growing kitten sized zucchini over here.


Our tomatoes are outgrowing their wine barrels, but so far no sign of tomatoes.  Lots of blossoms and tomato flowers though!


The plum trees in our backyard are full of fruit.  I’ll have to start searching out recipes for jam.  We have two trees that are absolutely packed with plums.


Our avocado tree even has …. something.  Is this going to be an avocado?

Do you have a garden? Also, do you think that’s an avocado on our tree? I’m skeptical 🙂


Our Berkeley Garden: Week Six — 8 Comments

    • I wish I could take credit for any of it, but I’m kind of amazed we haven’t killed anything yet! Many, many window sill basil plants have died at my hands in the past.

  1. your garden looks amazing! i wish i had the space to garden! what kind of lettuce are you growing? i’ve been getting bib lettuce from the farmers market lately and i think they are my favorite!

    • Thank you! we’re growing flame lettuce and bibb lettuce … way too much of both! I don’t think we ever expected all 12 plants to survive! Plus when they were tiny seedlings, it was hard to imagine they’d ever produce so much lettuce. Do you have any outdoor or window sill space at all? I think lettuce does pretty well in pots, too. I can attest to its hardiness, as I haven’t killed a single plant yet 🙂

  2. Awesome garden! I’m jealous! I’m trying to keep mine going, but the soil is so sandy here most of my plants have withered. 🙁

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