Macaroon Tart: Recipe


So I promised you a recipe.  It’s not precisely mine to share, so you’ll have to go to 101 Cookbooks to get the exact details.  I just swapped out the cherries for blackberries and strawberries because that’s what I had on hand, and also because pitting cherries is a dreadful chore.  Especially when you don’t own a cherry pitter.

Heidi’s recipes have never steered me wrong, and this tart was surprisingly simple.  I have vague memories of making a fruit tart that involved multiple steps, many ingredients, a sticky, gloppy glaze, and far too many temper tantrums on my part.  This tart is temper tantrum free.  Promise.  It requires a mere handful of ingredients and minimal hands on time.  This recipe calls just for egg whites, but I saved my egg yolks for a homemade ice cream  experiment, and had a very successful day in the kitchen.  (Even if that day was followed by serious sugar hangover).

I adore coconut, so I thought this tart was fantastic.  From my round pan I could pull a slice of tart that felt like a cross between a summer berry pie and a perfectly light and moist macaroon.  Basically the best thing you could ever hope to come out of your kitchen with so few ingredients and dirtying so few dishes. 

I had to give some of the tart away, for fear that I would eat the whole thing.  Luckily due to gifting shoving several giant slices of tart into my neighbors’ hands, I’m able to report that even those who don’t like coconut enjoyed this dish.  It makes a fabulous dessert, a tasty snack, and a perfect breakfast pairing with your morning cup of coffee.


So again, here’s the recipe.  I subbed in berries for cherries, but I’ll bet peaches or apricots would work well, too.  My round tart pan worked perfectly in place of an 8”x11” tart sheet, though I ended up having some of the macaroon filling leftover.  I solved that by making just a few small macaroon cookies.  Done and done.


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  1. You need a cherry pitter! I found one for 3 dollars and now pitting cherries is almost fun! I am always a fan of 101Cookbooks recipes, so I’m all over this!

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