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I’ve never trained to run a speedy 5k before.  My very first race I trained to finish a 5k, and after that my 5k PRs just came while I was training for a longer distance.  My 5k PR came right on the heels of my first half marathon.  The race was a Turkey Trot right near my home town, and I ran with a friend from high school.  The course was hilly, but I was still so excited to run a 25:07 (my previous PR was 26:22).

That 5K PR was in November of 2009.  After that, I got caught up in marathon and half marathon training, and shorter distances fell by the wayside. 

I wrote about running fast a few weeks back, and I’ve been throwing speed work into the mix since then.  My knee has been acting up at longer distances, so I’ve decided to focus on the shorter stuff for now.  I still plan to run a half marathon under 2 hours, but that goal will have to take a back seat for a while.  My knee starts to act up at anything much longer than 5 miles.  I’ve been icing and foam rolling like it’s my job.

The doctor I saw yesterday told me that “her daughter had knee pain every time she ran and she just decided that running wasn’t for her so she stopped.  Not everyone is meant to run you know.”  I just asked for a recommendation to PT.  I wish there was a way to screen primary care physicians and get one who is a runner or a cyclist or just an athlete!  The PT is a sports medicine clinic, so I’m hoping they won’t tell me I have to stop running (though I will for a while if I have to!).

On Monday I ran a California 5K PR in training of 26:11.  (By the way, I totally recommend having geographical PRs when you move!)  Then at today’s timed mile at Lululemon Run Club, I ran a 7:44!  My last timed mile was 8:04 about 6 weeks ago.  I’m determined to get that mile time under 7:30 (and then hopefully under 7:00!).  Now I just need to find a fast 5k race in the next few months so I can take aim at that 25:07.


How do you pick races? Do you like shorter races or are you a long distance runner?


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  1. It is SO FRUSTRATING to have a doctor tell you that the best way to fix your pain / injury is to stop running!

    There might be closer sports med places to you in Berkeley that are good, but if not & you’re looking for a reliable one, I’ve had really fantastic experiences with both the UCSF (Portola area in SF) and PAMF (Palo Alto Medical Foundation on the peninsula) sports medicine programs. Definitely more than stop running / ice it / pop some Advil.

    Good luck!

  2. Sorry about your injury 🙁 I’ve heard the same. I kinda believe the doctors lately! Ugh. I’m hoping Born to Run inspires me.

    According to my Nike+ GPS, my 5K record over the ~700 miles I’ve recorded this year is 26 minutes flat… but that happened during a half marathon! So I’m assuming I can take time off that, but I’m SO BAD at running fast. I want to run a 24:59 this fall though, maybe I should sign up for a race to motivate me.

  3. My PCP was a runner and told me the same thing 2 years ago. Since then I’ve run many more miles which I update her on every time I see her :). Hope your knee starts to feel better soon!

  4. I totally want to train and get a kick ass 5k PR!!

    I hope you heel quickly. When I got new insurance I read all the doctor’s bios to see if any had an interest in sports.

  5. New to your blog and replying to an old post so not sure if it’s at all relevant anymore but… Nina Patterson at SOLPT on College Ave in Rockridge is incredible and won’t tell you that ‘maybe running isn’t for you’. She’s an athlete and she listens 🙂 hope your knee and you are doing well 🙂

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