Runniversary Goodies!

Last week I found out that I had won Alisyn’s Runniversary Giveaway.  I found out via twitter while I was stuck in the JFK airport after a long week away for a work conference, and it definitely made my day.  The package arrived today; I love getting this kind of mail!


Giveaway Goodies

I’m just now noticing the watchful cat in the background.  No matter how many times I remove her, she insists on sitting on the kitchen table.

Look at all these goodies though!  Gels and granola bars and chapstick, oh my!  The Brooks night bands are particularly key, since it’s starting to get darker earlier now.   (Which I HATE! My favorite part of summer is how it stays light so much longer at night)

Giveaway Goodies 2

Some old favorites, and lots of new fun stuff to try.  I’m especially excited for this stinger waffle.  I have a long bike ride planned for this weekend, and this will definitely be tucked in one of my pockets.


I even repurposed the cute basket for a bunch of my running and cycling stuff.  It actually fits my Garmin, my bike gloves, my heart rate monitor, an ace bandage, the night life bands, a spare bike light, and the always necessary emergency chapstick.

Desk 2

Thanks again, Alisyn!  All these treats should see me through a bunch of long runs and long rides.

What’s your favorite kind of fuel?

I love gu, but I’m pretty excited for that waffle Smile

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