Our Berkeley Garden: Month Three Update

Every time I post new pictures of the garden, I go right back to the Week One post.  It’s amazing to me that we actually managed to grow everything.  There must be some magic in this Northern California soil because there’s certainly no previous evidence that I had any gardening talent.  Here’s our planning shot from the day we planted everything.

Garden_Week 1_Planning

And here we are, three months later!


Look at our zucchini monster!  This thing has seriously threatened to take over the backyard.  I’m just grateful that we only decided to plant a single zucchini plant. 


This plant gave birth to all the zucchini that inspired the zucchini week recipes, including:

I might be getting just a little tired of zucchini, but I’m not tired of the gorgeous zucchini blossoms.


And look at these serrano peppers!  We’ve pickled one batch of them already, but I think we have a full second batch growing on our two plants right now.


Our tomatoes have even finally started ripening!  This is a sungold cherry tomato.


And this is an Isis Candy tomato, which is my personal favorite.  I come home from work these days and head into the backyard.  I still marvel at the fact that everything is growing and ripening.  Then I pull several cherry tomatoes off the plants and eat them while checking out all the other plants.


See that completely overgrown plant in the front?  It’s our lemon cucumber plant.  There’s a regular cucumber plant hiding out in there, but it’s been totally overrun by the lemon cucumber plant, which has grown from its original two tiny leaves right out of the raised garden bed and over the edges and into the driveway.


Hiding under all those leaves are tons of lemon cucumbers.


Plus I had to share a picture of this little hedge of tropical flowers in our backyard.  They looked so tiny and pathetic when our landlord put them in a year ago, but now they’re nearly taller than I am.


Plus, they’re kind of pretty close up.


It’s hard to believe how much everything has changed and grown in three months!


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