Gardening, Cooking, and Canning

This has been an absurdly busy afternoon.  We’re going on a trip back to Boston soon, and I didn’t want all this wonderful garden produce to go to waste.


That’s just the beginning of what I got to work with this afternoon.  I picked three kinds of cherry tomatoes, plus some of our San Marzano tomatoes, plus tons more serrano peppers.  I’ve only ever seen green serranos at the grocery store, but some of our serrano peppers have started turning red on the plant.  Apparently most hot peppers can be picked and eaten when they’re green, but if left on the plant they will ripen to a variety of colors.  J reports that the red peppers are even spicier than their green counterparts.


Tomorrow I’ll report back on canning tomatoes, making salsa, and drying peppers. 


What do you do with lots of extra produce?

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