Two Weeks of Boston Weddings

I’ve been putting the Boston in Boston2Berkeley over the last few weeks.  One of my best friends and my sister got married two weeks apart.  I like to think they scheduled that conveniently just for me!


Good friends!  It’s always nice to go home and see everyone.


EmBrian_wedding cake

Gorgeous (and tasty!) wedding cake.  I failed massively at taking a picture of our dinner, mostly because I ate it so fast.  The vegetarian option was a crepe filled with black beans, roasted red peppers, and goat cheese, and topped with a spicy jalapeno cream sauce.  It was amazing, and so great of the catering group to put that kind of thought into a vegetarian entrée.  Remember, we’re not in Berkeley anymore, people!

Em and Brian’s wedding was absolutely beautiful.  It was wonderful to get to celebrate with two people we love!

The next two weeks went by with scary speed.  I’d been a somewhat absent maid of honor, being 3000 miles away and all.  Of course, I’d traveled home for my sister’s bridal shower back in August, which was a feat of planning itself.  I’m an obsessively organized person, so the two week’s leading up to Kate’s wedding were full of calendars, appointments, schedules, and color-coded post-it notes.  I have almost no pictures of Kate’s wedding, as I purposefully left my camera at the house, wanting to enjoy the day, and not document it.  (Also, the awesome pockets in my bridesmaid dress were holding bobby pins, tissues, and chapstick with no room for a camera).  This photo was borrowed from facebook.

Beth_Kate_Bunker Hill_Wedding

I can’t wait for the professional photos to come in, as I know they’ll be amazing.  The sneak peek I’ve already seen is fantastic!  Granted, I’m a little biased.

So after a whirlwind two weeks, I’ve again gone from Boston to Berkeley.  We went out this weekend and picked up the seeds and seedlings for our “winter” garden.  A winter garden is a foreign, and utterly decadent concept to me, coming from New England.  If we have half as much luck in the cool season as we did in the warm season I’ll be thrilled! 


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