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I had a very chill and boring weekend on the schedule.  Some errands, some cleaning, some cooking, nothing exciting.  Then Friday night, I exchanged this string of tweets with Courtney:



Suddenly my weekend got way more exciting!

Saturday afternoon, I braved BART and made my way into the city to meet up with Courtney, Cate and Alyssa.  The fourth floor of the Metreon complex was completely overwhelmed with food samples and bloggers.  Most of the tables missed my camera; we were too busy eating and talking!


Wine country soda (the pinot noir was my favorite, and they’re stocked at Berkeley Bowl!)

wine country soda

Many flavors of biscotti


Lots of cheese!  The little cup on the left is a piece of pear topped with crème fraiche, and it was wonderful.


Bovine Bakery’s morning bun was to die for, so sweet and cinnamon-y.


Ticing’s had a gorgeous display of their naturally colored sprinkles and edible frosting stickers.


All of the samples were great, and there was even a surprise guest!  (you’ll have to check with Cate to find out who!)  I also got to meet a bunch of other bloggers in person for the first time, including Ashley from Edible Perspective, Bridget from Yogurt and Berries, Courtney from The Granola Chronicles and many others!


(from left to right) Suki, Melissa, Alyssa, Courtney, me, Cate and Courtney

Thanks so much for letting me tag along, Cate!  I had a blast.


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  1. I might STILL be in a cheese coma, but it was totally worth it. Thanks for getting that awesome picture of me with my new BFF Tyler, and I’m glad we got to hang out again!

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