Baguette French Toast with Pomegranate Seeds

I adore pomegranates.  I tend to buy them this time of year, and then they sit in a bowl on my kitchen table for at least a week while I psych myself up to deal with them.  Luckily, pomegranates are very patient fruit, and will wait for you to get up the mental energy to deal with them.  They will just sit there calmly, reminding you how delicious they are, without going bad two days after you buy them (kiwi, I’m looking at you).


I follow this very aptly named method from Caitlin at Healthy Tipping Point: Opening a Pomegranate Without Ruining Your Shirt.

I finally got around to opening the two pomegranates on my kitchen table, and now have a wonderful bowl full of arils in my fridge.  Also sitting on my table was a horribly stale baguette.  So stale in fact, that I think if I’d smacked it against the kitchen table with any force, it would have shattered (not that I’ve done that before or anything).

I knew making French toast out of the baguette would revive it, as long as I let the slices soak in the egg mixture for a little longer than normal.


The baguette was totally rescued after a dip in the egg, vanilla almond milk and cinnamon mixture.  I gave them about a 2 minute bath on each side before grilling them up in a little coconut oil.


The sweet/tart taste of the pomegranate seeds was a great addition to the French toast.  And then I ate the rest of the pomegranate seeds with a spoon.  So much work for something that can be consumed so quickly!

Oh, and check out my little helper.  I’m pretty sure real photographers don’t have to deal with furry helpers trying to check out their breakfast.



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