Jamestown, Rhode Island

It’s been a whirlwind trip starting with a delayed redeye flight that got me from San Francisco to Boston.  From Logan, my dad brought J and I home where I started cooking vegan mushroom gravy, vegetarian stovetop stuffing, and drank mug after mug of cranberry tea

After Thanksgiving with my family, which was as hilarious and wonderful as I’d hoped (there are no pictures.  I cannot cook and laugh and take photos simultaneously, apparently), I went down to Jamestown, Rhode Island to spend some time with J and his family.

Jamestown is the most beautiful island, and I went on a couple of runs to burn off some Thanksgiving dinner.  The island is fairly small, so my 6 miles on Saturday took me through most of the island.  Beavertail_stone_steps

Sunday morning J joined me for a second run, and we ran out to the Beavertail lighthouse, which was a little over 5 miles round trip.


Simply gorgeous scenery.  It was unseasonably warm for New England in late November.  The boy actually went for a swim in the ocean, but I didn’t take things that far.  Still, it was nice to visit the Atlantic.


Now this journey has taken me back to Boston, via commuter rail tonight.  We’re just back from dinner at Canary Square in Jamaica Plain.  Our server brought us out a garlic aioli with our french fries that was positively to die for.  It was light and airy and incredibly rich.  Very obviously freshly house made, and had me trying to figure out how best to recreate it immediately.

Monday morning I’m planning a run around Jamaica Pond which is one of my (many) favorite Boston places to run.  I trained there a lot when I was training for my first half marathon, since the BAA half marathon route goes right around Jamaica Pond.  Bill Rodgers used to run endless laps around the 1.5 mile circumference of Jamaica Pond when he was training locally, and I like to think of him racing by, training his way to a Boston Marathon win, while I’m doing my own set of speed work around the pond.

Do you have favorite running routes your return to when you come home?


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  1. I run around Jamaica Pond almost every day!! I feel so lucky to live right near it. I am a native Rhode Islandah 🙂 and I also love Jamestown. It is soooo gorgeous there. Enjoy your time in New England!

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