Timed Mile PR!

My first time attending the Berkeley Lululemon run club was back in March, right after the Oakland half marathon.  Only four of us ran that day, and we went up to the dirt track and did a timed mile.  My legs were still pretty trashed, and every step of that mile that I tried to sprint felt heavy and uncomfortable.  I finished in 9:42, which was far, far away from what I felt like a good mile time should be.

When we got back to the store four miles later, we wrote down our 2011 running goals.  Coming off my mile time disappointment, I shared this:

2011 running goal

I’ve taken a lot of time off that original 9:42, knocking it down to an 8:02 and then a 7:44.  Things stalled out a little when I hurt my knee, and I hadn’t run anything sub 8 at our official timed miles since.

Well I didn’t run a 7:30 mile at our timed mile challenge today either.  But I did run a 7:28!  I actually felt strong the whole way, and never felt too uncomfortable or out of breath (probably an excellent sign that I didn’t run fast enough).  I was so excited!  I have another 5k in two weeks, so it was reassuring to feel like I could have done another few laps at that pace if I needed to.

I’m hoping 2012 will see me hit a sub 7 timed mile!


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