Roasted Vegetable Stock

This past Saturday was full of kitchen projects.  It’s been rare lately that I’ve had a whole weekend day to just putter around in the kitchen.  Making stock is definitely a time investment, but the hands on time is pretty minimal.

I’ll go months using nothing but Better than Bouillon for my veggie stock, and it does a pretty good job.  But for really good risotto or vegetarian French Onion soup, there’s nothing quite like this roasted vegetable stock.


I use Mark Bittman’s recipe for roasted vegetable stock, but I treat it more as a suggestion, and toss in whatever vegetables I happen to have.  This batch had leeks and onions, mushrooms and potatoes, carrots and garlic.  Sometimes I’m good and make stock out of all the things in the fridge that are on their last legs, and sometimes I have a French onion soup craving and run out to pick up vegetables for this stock.

I freeze 2 cup portions in small ziploc bags laid flat in the freezer.  They take up practically no space, and are so easy to thaw out to make a quick dinner for one or two.  Plus making your own stock is right up there for me with pickling your own peppers or making your own corn tortillas on kitchen projects that should make you feel proud.


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