Shimmy Pop

I’m always so impressed when I see choreographed dance routines.  Despite my gymnastics background, I have positively no dance skills.  I quit ballet at the age of five because I hated having to wear makeup for the recital.   I also have no rhythm.  My piano teacher had my parents buy me a metronome that only barely helped me keep time, and years later when I led warmups for taekwondo, my instructor only half joked that I should pull out that same metronome to help keep a consistent count.

So when Rachel suggested I come out to Shimmy Pop, a group dance class being held at the Berkeley Lululemon, I was skeptical.  However, when the promise of a group run after class was thrown into the mix, I was swayed.image

I got up early on Saturday morning (class was at 8:30) and biked over to the store.  There was a great turnout.  I’d guess there were 20- 25 of us, and it was a friendly crowd, a good thing with my dance anxiety mounting.  I introduced myself to Alyssa, our fantastic instructor, and warned her that I was horribly uncoordinated, but she just laughed my protests off. 


(sweaty after class photo!  it was a great workout)

They turned up the music, and I stationed myself safely in the very back row.  Alyssa’s energy and choreography were incredible.  I’m positive I had nowhere near her style or flair, but she planned steps that were fairly easy for even me to pick up and repeat.  The moves were fun and perfectly paired with the energetic music.  Alyssa somehow managed to talk us through the steps even with the loud music, and her demos gave me confidence that I could pull off the dances. 

I was anxious through the first song, but a few measures in I was surprised to find a huge smile on my face.  That was the great surprise; it was an absolute blast.   Even when I felt totally ridiculous and was completely lost, I was grinning ear to ear.  Also, I was sweating like a fiend.  Shimmy pop was a great workout. 

I’m normally one of those runners who is a little snotty about cross training.  Why would you do anything else when you could run?  Shimmy pop totally broke through that attitude for me, and I would definitely do it again.  The Hipline studio in Berkeley has a ton of different class offerings and times, and there will be in store Shimmy Pop at the Berkeley Lululemon every Saturday morning this month.

Thanks Alyssa and Lululemon for a great class, and thank you Rachel for convincing me to go!


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