Running Update and a Guest Post

Hi, everyone!  Head on over to Pastafree Runner to see my Beautiful Monday guest post on homemade sugar and salt scrubs.  Not all my kitchen projects are limited to dinner! 


In other news I had my first successful run in three weeks yesterday. 


My hip and left quad are a little tight and sore now, but I’m hoping I’ll still be able to run the Oakland half marathon for fun in a month.  I fear all my PR hopes will have to be stowed away for another race.  I have been cross training like a crazy person over the last few weeks (5 spin classes plus bike trainer time last week alone!), but nothing is as effective for me as running.  When I can’t run I always seem to lose fitness, no matter what type of cross training I do.

I have my fingers crossed for more successful future runs, but I’m trying to also be mindful of my hip.  It’s a tough balance to strike.


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