Mexican Breakfast Bowl

Despite the name, I’ve eaten this bowl for dinner more nights than not this past week.  When I like something, I tend to go all in.  I’ll read every book an author has written.  I eat pineapple until my mouth burns, and then I eat more pineapple.  I listen to the same song on repeat until the lyrics cease to sound like words.  And I eat this for dinner four nights in a row because it takes ten minutes to make and is just as satisfying every single time.


J doesn’t like repetition.  He can actually eat just one chocolate chip cookie and declare it enough.  He always orders espresso with his dessert “to cut all the sweet.”  I think he would physically put headphones on me if I tried to listen to the same song in his presence ten times in a row.  He also dislikes leftovers if they appear in the same form.  (Leftovers reinvented are a whole other story.)  Despite all that, when first year attorneys work extra long hours, their girlfriends get to blast questionable musical choices while eating eggs and salsa night after night.

Start by heating up a can of black beans.  You’ll only use half, and the other half can live in the fridge until it’s time for tomorrow’s dinner.  On top of the black beans, layer some feta cheese.


While the beans were heating, scramble two eggs in a little butter with just a dash of milk.


Top with salsa and half an avocado.


Sprinkle a tiny bit of salt on the avocado and consume.  I’m convinced that black beans should not be eaten without some kind of soft, salty cheese.  Feta works perfectly, though a basic soft goat cheese or cotija cheese both make excellent substitutes. 

And when dinner rolls around tomorrow night you already have those black beans and half an avocado waiting in your fridge…


take two, anyone?


Mexican Breakfast Bowl — 5 Comments

    • I’m glad you liked the post. I (clearly) also love everything about this meal! A quick trip over to the Spark People calculator puts this at about 500 calories, but of course the proportions are easily adjusted to your preferences. I usually use 1/2 cup of black beans, about 2 tbsp crumbled feta, 2 eggs, scrambled, 1/3 cup of salsa and half an avocado. Those proportions are what the ~500 calorie estimate is based on.

  1. Made a version of this Wed night!! Thanks for the inspiration (I needed it that night). Mine was not nearly as pretty as yours, had a whole avocado (and no beans) and peach mango salsa.

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