A Perfect Birthday Celebration

So I sort of jumped the gun on my birthday and celebrated it last weekend, even though this Sunday was my proper birthday.  About a month ago I saw a totally convenient direct, flight to Boston for under $300 the week before my birthday.  So I did the logical thing and bought it immediately and then promptly informed my friends and family.  The whole trip actually worked out perfectly.  Three of my four cousins were also home for the weekend, and we all went to the youngest cousin’s high school musical (we thought she was the best in the whole show, but we might be biased).  I got to see the truly impressive view from the Boston office of J’s firm; it’s rare that I get to see the city from a new perspective.  I spent a day catching up with my grandmother, and another wonderful day at home with my mom (where we tackled another kitchen project that will be appearing on the blog shortly).


A small sneak peak.

We wrapped the whole weekend up with a family party at Grandma’s to celebrate both Kate’s and my birthdays.  We are just two days apart and have always shared our birthdays.


Gluten-free cupcakes for Katy, and chocolate crazy cake with mom’s icing (aka, the best icing in the whole world) for me.  And everyone else.  I shared.

The trip was packed full of family and fun, and I boarded my flight home exhausted, as usual.  The sign of a good trip!  I packed this actual birthday weekend full of all sorts of fun, including a knife skills class at Kitchen on Fire (locals, I would absolutely recommend this and have been raving about it to all who would listen).  There was also some hot yoga and a spin class in the mix to offset a day spent in the kitchen that yielded a buttermilk skillet cake, homemade naan, homemade paneer, mattar paneer (can you tell I channeled a strong craving for Indian takeout?), plus potato cabbage soup, and homemade butter.  Phew!

I’ve been a lucky duck with this extended birthday celebration full of all my favorite people and things.  Many new food posts and recipes are coming your way, too!  I think at least a week’s worth of blog material is sitting on my kitchen table and in my fridge now.

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