Everyday Buttermilk Skillet Cake

I found my everyday cake!  While paging through the Joy the Baker cookbook, I was instantly taken by this simple recipe.  Sadly though, I don’t really need an everyday cake.  People are not constantly dropping by my house for tea, and while cake is always welcome in this house, I don’t really need cake on my kitchen table every day.  Still, it’s nice to think of life in an alternate universe where I would always need to have cake in the house.  Where my kitchen staples might be eggs, kale, cheddar and buttermilk cake.  That seems like an excellent alternate universe to live in.


I call this an everyday cake because it isn’t fussy.  Chances are you have all the ingredients in your kitchen already (and if you don’t have buttermilk, well, that’s nothing some milk and vinegar can’t fix).  You don’t even have to break out a cake pan for this simple treat, it’s perfectly happy to make its home in a cast iron skillet. 


Continuing with the laid back style of this cake, you don’t even need to frost it.  It’s delicious straight out of the pan.  Tangy and fluffy, yet sturdy enough that you can eat a piece of cake like a slice of pizza.  Not that I tried that.  Of course you can frost it if you want to; I’d never get in the way of frosting.  Joy provides a decadently sweet looking walnut praline topping as the accompaniment to this unassuming cake in her cookbook.  While that looks delicious, I was lazy.  So I alternated between eating a slice plain, a slice drenched in maple syrup for breakfast, and another slice spread with plum jam.  And I was perfectly happy with each new iteration.


Joy’s book is a gem.  I was so happy paging through my copy on the way home from Omnivore Books that when I walked in my front door I promptly ordered two more copies for my cousins.  My copy is already dog-eared with must make recipes.  Her recipe head notes make me smile (especially the one for Mommom’s chocolate bourbon-spiked banana bread).  Along with the recipes, Joy offers an array of incredibly useful kitchen tricks, including 4 different ways to make buttermilk if you need it immediately and don’t have any.  Her tips for how to soften butter in a hurry have already saved me from my own impatience.

This is the newest book in my cookbook collection, but I already love it.  Some cookbooks I own to cook from, some I own just because they make me happy.  Joy’s cookbook fills both categories.  And just in case you’re the kind of lucky person who needs an everyday cake, I found the perfect one for you!   


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