Spectating at the Oakland Marathon

Today was supposed to be my PR attempt at the half marathon.  Unfortunately a hip flexor injury took that dream away a few weeks ago.  I was upset (for about ten minutes), but ultimately I want to have many years of running to look forward to.  Oakland is my favorite race, so while I was sad not to run in it for a second year, I had a fantastic time taking photos and cheering everyone on.


The Lululemon cheer station was neon themed, and we definitely had the best signs.  We were at mile 22 of the full marathon and mile 9 of the half marathon.  The cheer stations was perfectly placed to give the runners some much needed adrenaline to finish strong.  Plus I got to see so many friends out racing today!  I warn you in advance that normally my photographic subjects (cookies!) hold very still, so this was my first attempt at any kind of action photography.

I saw Caitlin and her purple socks coming right down the hill.  She breezed right past us looking strong.


Then I saw another pair of purple socks zip past me too quickly to lift my camera (sorry, Page!)

Then these two smiling ladies came by with matching socks and matching strides (Angela and Alyssa).


I just barely caught Cate as she went by.


Then I saw another pair of perfectly purple matching ladies (Kristin and Jessica en route to a new PR for Kristin!).


Sesa danced on through our cheer station.


Luckily Layla saw me in enough time for me to lift the camera (but just barely)!


And then I caught Naomi in a big crowd coming through our cheer station!


I wasn’t fast enough to get a photo of Kerry, but luckily she saw me and yelled so I could at least cheer for her!

Extra congratulations to Jana (in pink) for going sub 4 hours in the full marathon.  I didn’t see her quickly enough to get to the other side of the street for a great picture (sorry Jana!)


And my favorite photo from the day:


One guy ran by Kaitlin and shouted “I almost wore the exact same thing!” 

I love spectating races, and I had so much fun at this race.  Since it’s local, there were so many Bay Area bloggers out running, as well as a ton of my run club buddies.  Plus I kind of liked the action photography.  Everyone’s performances had me all fired up to get back in half marathon PR shape.

Congratulations to everyone who raced today!


Spectating at the Oakland Marathon — 3 Comments

  1. I was willing myself to get to you. Seriously, I hit mile 9 and was thinking, “Just hold on until you see Beth.” Well, I wound up walking a bit, but then I ran some more, and then I got to your AWESOME cheer station. That was such an energy boost that it carried me for the whole next mile. Thank you!

  2. Thank you so so so so so so much for being out there. I’m not lying when I said I looked forward to the lulu station the entire race. They always have great cheer squads, but knowing you’d be there was an even better treat! Thanks for giving up your morning to cheer everyone on & for the great pics!

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