UrbanKick Photo Shoot

I started off this beautiful weekend at Lake Merritt on Saturday morning, hanging out with Shane and her UrbanKick boot camp ladies.  Boot camp looked like a blast; lots of stairs, hills, calisthenics and even some TRX work.  I wasn’t there to participate though, but instead to photograph all the boot camp participants kicking butt.


While you mostly see food shots on this blog, I really love taking photos of strong athletes when they’re in the zone, and the boot camp ladies were fantastic subjects.  They were able to completely ignore the giant camera in their faces and focus in totally on what they were doing.  Trust me, no one was mugging for the camera while doing hill sprints!


I’ve chosen not to include some of my favorite shots here.  I imagine you’ll be seeing some of these shots on the UrbanKick website and facebook page soon.  While everyone was happy to be photographed, I didn’t think to ask permission from anyone to put their faces here on my blog.  Still, I think you can see the strength and the story in some of these photos even without seeing the smiles or determination on their faces.


There’s something about this last shot that I just love.  It’s not a classically perfect shot; the focus is very soft and a little blurred.  Yet I love the softness of the photo, knowing these ladies were sprinting up a hill in the middle of a very urban Oakland.  There’s a serenity to the moment despite their surroundings and how hard they were working.


Thanks to Shane and all the ladies for letting me come and take pictures.  I had such a good time.  Next time though, I promise I’ll be carrying one of those kettle bells instead of my camera.

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