Buffalo Tofu, Goat Cheese and Asparagus Sandwich

Several days ago I saw this post by (never)homemaker of an Asparagus and Tofu Sandwich.  It looked simple, and since I’m currently having a love affair with buffalo sauce I thought buffalo tofu would go perfectly with their other sandwich ingredients. 


Before J became vegetarian, buffalo chicken tenders were one of his favorite things.  Without fail, if they were on a menu, we’d be ordering them.  I had nearly no spice tolerance, and sometimes the dish would arrive at the table, and I swore I would tear up just smelling it.  I never understood why you’d want to eat something called “satanically spicy,” that literally brought you to tears.  Somewhere along the way an occasional preference for spice rubbed off on me.  Now I find myself occasionally craving buffalo roasted Brussels sprouts and baked tofu doused in buffalo sauce.  So a simple sandwich with buffalo tofu sounded like a perfect idea.

Start with a slice of toasted whole wheat bread.


Spread with goat cheese (I mix a tiny bit of milk into mine to make it easier to spread).


Top with buffalo tofu (extra firm tofu sliced, covered with buffalo sauce, and baked at 400 degrees for 15 minutes each side).


And top again with roasted asparagus.


I’d be lying if I pretended I ate this open faced.  After one attempt at eating the open-faced sandwich with a fork, I quickly toasted another slice of bread, slathered on some more goat cheese, and squished the whole thing together.  The goat cheese was a nice complement to the buffalo spiciness, but I’ll bet a really thick blue cheese dressing would be delicious, too.

The bread and the goat cheese compensates a little for some of the spice, so this should be a tear-free sandwich.

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