Grilled Vegetables over Polenta

Last night the ladies took over the grill.  By which I mean my neighbor did all the heavy lifting and fire wielding tasks, and I chopped some veggies.  We wrapped them up in tortillas, topped with feta and avocado, for grilled veggie tacos.  In the winter, I’ll usually make a big batch of roasted veggies on the weekend.  Butternut squash, mushrooms and Brussels sprouts are the usual suspects.  These grilled vegetables must be their summer counterparts.


These leftover grilled vegetables can be re-invented in so many ways.  Tonight I had them over polenta (cooked in roasted vegetable stock) with goat cheese. 


I love the combination of goat cheese and roasted vegetables, and the goat cheese melting into the polenta is extra delicious.  Bell peppers still aren’t my favorite (though I want to love them for all the pretty colors they come in), but they go so well with the zucchini, onion, and yellow squash.


Other reinventions of these vegetables will include a pasta salad, in an omelet, and probably in a wrap with hummus for lunch at least once this week.

How do you reinvent leftovers?


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