New Year’s Cinnamon Rolls

I made you cinnamon rolls!


Er… Hi.  Remember me?  It’s kind of been a year.  13 months if we’re being exact.  But that’s why I brought cinnamon rolls!  To help jog your memory.


2013 was a whirlwind of work, life, wedding planning, seven cross country trips, marrying my best friend, an incredibly honeymoon to Fiji, and a Sunday that was 41 hours long.  Through it all, I cooked and baked, but I didn’t share any of it with you.  I missed this space though, and I’m happy to reclaim it.

So, cinnamon rolls.  I know it’s January, but if you’re looking for resolution recipes, allow me to point you here or here or here.  I love salads and vegetable soup and stir fries as much as the next girl, but how often have you welcomed someone with a bunch of kale?  Don’t get me wrong, if you show up on my front door with a bunch of kale, I’m going to happily bring you inside, put it in the fridge (to make into this salad later), and then feed you a cinnamon roll.  Seriously, cinnamon rolls are a much nicer welcome for the new year.

I wish you a 2014 full of cinnamon, sugar and other sweet things.  Hope to see more of you very soon.


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