Pomegranate, Walnut and Yogurt Breakfast Bowl

Monday breakfasts are hard.  Every Sunday night, I’m hit with a solid case of Monday-is-imminent blues, and this severe case of nearly-Monday-itis makes it unlikely that I’m going to prep tomorrow’s breakfast that night.  Then Monday morning arrives, and if I can make coffee and stand in front of the fridge blinking my tired eyes, that’s a success.  Luckily this breakfast practically assembles itself, with some earlier in the weekend prep work.


This winter we’ve been picking up pomegranates at the farmers’ market or at the grocery store, depending on how much time there is in the week.  J takes on the chore of opening the pomegranates and separating the arils during the weekend, and then all week we have a bowl full of pomegranate seeds to dip into for snacks, salad toppings, or a simple breakfast like this one. 

I tend to go through breakfast ruts, totally content to have every Monday through Friday start with the same comforting dish.  I’ll have oatmeal with banana and almond butter for weeks on end.  Last winter I ate this wheat berry breakfast bowl with pears and cranberries from November to March.  In the summer I’ll eat this blueberry and cheddar cereal bowl every single morning of blueberry season.  This winter, my breakfast love has been Greek yogurt topped with pomegranate seeds and chopped walnuts.  The yogurt and walnuts keep me full even on late lunch days, and the bright zing of the pomegranate seeds makes the morning feel less gray, less like I’m stuck in the long stretch of dark winter days and more like summer is just an airline ticket away.


On a particularly ambitious occasion, I made a bunch of tiny ziploc bags of pomegranate seeds and chopped walnuts, and brought the single serving packs plus a big tub of Greek yogurt into work.  A guaranteed easy breakfast all week, even on a day when you’re lucky to arrive at the office wearing matching shoes.

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