Six Minute Breakfast Taco

Most of my weekday breakfasts are bowls like this pomegranate yogurt bowl or this blueberry cheddar cereal bowl or even this chocolate coconut chia pudding.  Bowls are quick, easy to pack, easy to make in advance and assemble at work.  I rarely have the time or energy to cook before I’ve had my coffee in the morning, and I usually get up, work out, grab my belongings, and have biked halfway to work before I’ve really shaken off the sleep.


So how’d a breakfast that requires me to actually turn on the stove end up with a prominent place in the breakfast rotation?  I’d started making these quick breakfast tacos on the weekends, and when I realized how quick and delicious they were, I began craving them during the week, too.  Their creation is a precise but uncomplicated ballet, and I timed the whole process, from opening the fridge to loading the dishwasher (with a few photos thrown in), and it took me precisely six minutes. 

So here we go.  Start the coffee.  Open the fridge and grab the eggs, corn tortillas, cheddar cheese, salsa and guacamole.  Put a small frying pan and a cast iron skillet on the stove, both over medium high heat (electric stove owners, I’m sorry, you’re probably looking at an eight minute breakfast taco).  Toss one corn tortilla in the cast iron skillet and slide a tiny pat of butter into the center of your frying pan.  Choose an egg and crack it into a small bowl.  Scramble quickly.  Slice two thin pieces of cheddar cheese.  Flip your tortilla over, and place the cheddar slices in the center of your tortilla.  Slide your scrambled egg into the frying pan and season with salt and pepper.  Your butter should be melted but not browned.


Here’s a link on how to make perfect scrambled eggs.  We’re not going for perfection here, and the egg is probably going to be scrambled before you have time to contemplate the appropriate technique.  Slide the tortilla with melted cheese onto a plate, and top with your scrambled eggs.


Shoo away photo-bombing cat with dire warnings about curiosity and burned noses.


Top with salsa and guacamole.


Shove everything back in the fridge, pile dishes in the sink, and enjoy!


Oh wait, pour your coffee.  Then enjoy, and marvel at your ability to pull together a hot weekday breakfast prior to caffeination.

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