Kitchen Disasters: The Worst Thing I Ever Made


Kitchen failures are common.  Cookies spread out and run together into one giant flat cookie pancake.  The bread doesn’t rise.  You overestimate your spice tolerance and make a stir fry so spicy that just breathing near the pan makes your eyes water.  All of these things have happened to me.  Kitchen disasters are so much simpler than life disasters, though.  A flat cookie pancake might not look pretty enough to take into work, but it still tastes pretty delicious.  Even if you’ve concocted something truly inedible, the worst kitchen disaster can almost always be solved by ordering pizza. At this … Continue reading

Potato and Cheddar Pierogi


Last weekend I was back in Boston, and my mom took a day off from work so we could spend it together.  I don’t get nearly as much Mom time now that I live 3000 miles away, so it was a rare treat.  I lodged a special request that we spend part of the day making pierogi.  Pierogi (a potato-filled dumpling of Polish origin), didn’t play any prominent role in my childhood, but my mom has fond memories of her Aunt Katie making them.  We’ve been slowly collecting several generations worth of family recipes and dishes, and I really can’t … Continue reading

A Perfect Birthday Celebration


So I sort of jumped the gun on my birthday and celebrated it last weekend, even though this Sunday was my proper birthday.  About a month ago I saw a totally convenient direct, flight to Boston for under $300 the week before my birthday.  So I did the logical thing and bought it immediately and then promptly informed my friends and family.  The whole trip actually worked out perfectly.  Three of my four cousins were also home for the weekend, and we all went to the youngest cousin’s high school musical (we thought she was the best in the whole … Continue reading

Goat Cheese and Pear Stuffed French Toast


When we lived in Boston, J and I had a breakfast place.  Ball Square Café is the perfect neighborhood place, and even though it wasn’t exactly in our neighborhood, it was absolutely worth the mile walk.  I’ve eaten nearly everything off their menu (though I have a strong preference for the tri-berry French toast), and every breakfast item is a home run.  They do huge creative omelets with homefries  or grilled mashed potatoes.  That’s right, they take the amazingness of buttery mashed potatoes and then grill them up so they have a delicious brown crust.  The pancakes are light, fluffy … Continue reading

Jamestown, Rhode Island


It’s been a whirlwind trip starting with a delayed redeye flight that got me from San Francisco to Boston.  From Logan, my dad brought J and I home where I started cooking vegan mushroom gravy, vegetarian stovetop stuffing, and drank mug after mug of cranberry tea.  After Thanksgiving with my family, which was as hilarious and wonderful as I’d hoped (there are no pictures.  I cannot cook and laugh and take photos simultaneously, apparently), I went down to Jamestown, Rhode Island to spend some time with J and his family. Jamestown is the most beautiful island, and I went on … Continue reading