Race Recap: 2012 Mermaid Series Alameda Sprint Triathlon


I finished my first triathlon!  I didn’t drown in the Bay.  I didn’t freak out in the middle of the swim and have to be rescued.  I swam 400yds, biked 12 miles, and ran 2.5 miles, all successfully, and I did it in just over 90 minutes.  That’s the short summary, what follows is an (excessively) detailed account of my race. I had packed everything the night before, so I woke up at 4:30 AM to have a cup of coffee and eat some oatmeal with banana and almond butter.  I did a final obsessive check of everything I had … Continue reading

So I’m Doing a Triathlon Tomorrow…


So I’m competing in my first triathlon tomorrow, and I’ve kept the whole thing kind of quiet here on the blog.  At first, I was afraid I’d chicken out or get injured.  Then writing about it made me just a little extra nervous.  But now, I wish I ‘d written about the training.  I’ve been searching around looking for other people’s first time accounts, and there just aren’t enough beginner triathlon stories out there.  So here are some brief thoughts on this training cycle, and also a few things I’m totally freaked out about before the race. At first, I … Continue reading

UrbanKick Photo Shoot


I started off this beautiful weekend at Lake Merritt on Saturday morning, hanging out with Shane and her UrbanKick boot camp ladies.  Boot camp looked like a blast; lots of stairs, hills, calisthenics and even some TRX work.  I wasn’t there to participate though, but instead to photograph all the boot camp participants kicking butt. While you mostly see food shots on this blog, I really love taking photos of strong athletes when they’re in the zone, and the boot camp ladies were fantastic subjects.  They were able to completely ignore the giant camera in their faces and focus in … Continue reading

Foodbuzz Tasting Pavilion


  I had a very chill and boring weekend on the schedule.  Some errands, some cleaning, some cooking, nothing exciting.  Then Friday night, I exchanged this string of tweets with Courtney: Suddenly my weekend got way more exciting! Saturday afternoon, I braved BART and made my way into the city to meet up with Courtney, Cate and Alyssa.  The fourth floor of the Metreon complex was completely overwhelmed with food samples and bloggers.  Most of the tables missed my camera; we were too busy eating and talking!   Wine country soda (the pinot noir was my favorite, and they’re stocked … Continue reading

Two Weeks of Boston Weddings


I’ve been putting the Boston in Boston2Berkeley over the last few weeks.  One of my best friends and my sister got married two weeks apart.  I like to think they scheduled that conveniently just for me! Good friends!  It’s always nice to go home and see everyone.   Gorgeous (and tasty!) wedding cake.  I failed massively at taking a picture of our dinner, mostly because I ate it so fast.  The vegetarian option was a crepe filled with black beans, roasted red peppers, and goat cheese, and topped with a spicy jalapeno cream sauce.  It was amazing, and so great … Continue reading