Shimmy Pop


I’m always so impressed when I see choreographed dance routines.  Despite my gymnastics background, I have positively no dance skills.  I quit ballet at the age of five because I hated having to wear makeup for the recital.   I also have no rhythm.  My piano teacher had my parents buy me a metronome that only barely helped me keep time, and years later when I led warmups for taekwondo, my instructor only half joked that I should pull out that same metronome to help keep a consistent count. So when Rachel suggested I come out to Shimmy Pop, a group … Continue reading

Workout Catch Up


I’ve been totally reveling in summer these last few weeks.  I come home from work or a run in the afternoon and walk straight through my house (past my laptop with my blog and twitter!) and straight into the backyard.  I think I’ve kicked back with a book nearly every afternoon for the past two weeks!  (I’ve been making joint farmers market/library runs every weekend). So although I’ve spent less time online, I’ve been spending tons of time outside.  Working out in the sunshine barely feels like work   So here’s a quick recap of the last few weeks in … Continue reading