5k Goal, 24:XX

If you follow me on twitter, you probably know that I’m running a 5k tomorrow.  The Mermaid Run San Francisco 5k, to be exact.  All week long, I’ve been thinking “24″.  I went to yoga every day this week and focused on the number 24.  I ran with my lulu run club buddies, and visualized myself sprinting to a 24:XX finish on Saturday.  I daydreamed in meetings of being strong to a 24:XX finish.  Every time a little voice said “that’s really kind of fast for you…” I shut it down and saw the number 24. I’ve put in some … Continue reading

Berkeley Lululemon Run Club


Last week’s run club was pretty special to me, but I was afraid to write about it before it happened in case I jinxed anything.  I got to lead the beginner group for the first time!  I’ve been going to run club since March, and I usually tag along with the “experienced” group.  Several weeks ago during one of our runs, Rachel mentioned that they were looking to find some new run club leaders from the community.  I dorkily shot my hand up as we were running down Dwight Hill and said “ooo me!  I would LOVE to lead a … Continue reading

A New Running Goal for a 5k


My knee has been getting stronger over the last few months.  I still have little twinges, but I’ve been able to run progressively longer distances (up to a regular 6-7 miles!) without any negative repercussions.  I’m running in the Mermaid San Francisco 5k in a few weeks, and I’m hopeful to take down the 26:37 time I posted at the Walnut Festival Run for Education. I’ve adopted a dual strategy over the last few weeks, incorporating more speed work (love those 800 repeats!) while also trying to take my recovery runs slower.  I’ve started actually paying attention to my heart … Continue reading

Race Recap: Walnut Festival Run for Education 5k


This weekend I drove out to Walnut Creek to run the Walnut Festival 5k with a bunch of bloggers and twitter buddies.  The multi-talented Aron and Kristin helped organize the race, and I was psyched to go support them and spend the morning running.  I haven’t run a 5k in well over a year, and there’s something I really love about running fast.  My favorite race distance is the half marathon, because it’s not a sufferfest.  13.1 is an achievable distance, but the pace is safely aerobic.  When you race a 5k, you “try not to puke”, “run til your … Continue reading

Runniversary Goodies!

Giveaway Goodies

Last week I found out that I had won Alisyn’s Runniversary Giveaway.  I found out via twitter while I was stuck in the JFK airport after a long week away for a work conference, and it definitely made my day.  The package arrived today; I love getting this kind of mail!   I’m just now noticing the watchful cat in the background.  No matter how many times I remove her, she insists on sitting on the kitchen table. Look at all these goodies though!  Gels and granola bars and chapstick, oh my!  The Brooks night bands are particularly key, since … Continue reading

5K Training

I’ve never trained to run a speedy 5k before.  My very first race I trained to finish a 5k, and after that my 5k PRs just came while I was training for a longer distance.  My 5k PR came right on the heels of my first half marathon.  The race was a Turkey Trot right near my home town, and I ran with a friend from high school.  The course was hilly, but I was still so excited to run a 25:07 (my previous PR was 26:22). That 5K PR was in November of 2009.  After that, I got caught … Continue reading

Running Fast


I still remember having this epiphany.. in order to run fast, you have to practice running fast.  It took me more than a year into my running career to realize this basic truth.  At the time, I subscribed to the theory that if I could run 6 miles at my average pace, I ought to be able to run 3 miles fast.  Right? I really thought speed would just show up if I kept plugging away at the miles.  In fairness, I did make some gains in my average pace by just plugging away at the junk miles, but once … Continue reading

Love for Lululemon Run Club

2011 running goal

I went to my first Lululemon run club in Berkeley just after the Oakland half marathon back in March.  I’d seen signs for run club in the Berkeley store, but felt totally intimidated.  I envisioned a group of speedy girls in perfectly matching, bright colored lululemon outfits, frolicking along at a brisk 6 minute pace. (I clearly have a vivid imagination)  I wasn’t speedy at the Oakland half, but I had a blast doing the race.  I figured I could probably survive one night of run club since I’d just reminded myself I could survive 13.1 miles.  It was surprisingly … Continue reading