Race Recap: Walnut Creek 5k


The short version: 24:53!! The long version is significantly longer, but I had to start with my time.  I got my 24, with six seconds to spare.  Race morning was very cold, and I drove over to Walnut Creek with lots of different outfit options.  I found parking easily (something that never gets old coming from Boston), and jogged over to the start line to get the lay of the land.  I was parked only a quarter mile from the start, and there were plenty of porta-potties, but very few people at the 5k start an hour before the race.  … Continue reading

Walnut Creek 5k


I’m running another 5k this Saturday.  It will be my third 5k of this fall/winter running season.  I ran the Walnut Festival 5k in September and the Mermaid Run San Francisco 5k in November. It’s really no secret that I have a specific goal in mind for the 5k distance, and we’re closing in on the end of 2011.  This will almost certainly be my last race of the season.  As my knee has gotten better, I’ve recommitted both to workouts and to tracking the workouts.  My weekly mileage on Daily Mile has steadily climbed. (That 15 miles is so … Continue reading

5k Goal, 24:XX

If you follow me on twitter, you probably know that I’m running a 5k tomorrow.  The Mermaid Run San Francisco 5k, to be exact.  All week long, I’ve been thinking “24″.  I went to yoga every day this week and focused on the number 24.  I ran with my lulu run club buddies, and visualized myself sprinting to a 24:XX finish on Saturday.  I daydreamed in meetings of being strong to a 24:XX finish.  Every time a little voice said “that’s really kind of fast for you…” I shut it down and saw the number 24. I’ve put in some … Continue reading