Six Minute Breakfast Taco


Most of my weekday breakfasts are bowls like this pomegranate yogurt bowl or this blueberry cheddar cereal bowl or even this chocolate coconut chia pudding.  Bowls are quick, easy to pack, easy to make in advance and assemble at work.  I rarely have the time or energy to cook before I’ve had my coffee in the morning, and I usually get up, work out, grab my belongings, and have biked halfway to work before I’ve really shaken off the sleep. So how’d a breakfast that requires me to actually turn on the stove end up with a prominent place in … Continue reading

Taco Night and Making Your Own Corn Tortillas


Taco night is something J and I both loved as children.  J says he loved how interactive the meal was, that everyone was reaching around, having fun together and adding things to their tacos.  I remember my sister and I chorusing “Tacos!” whenever my mom asked us what we wanted for dinner.  I also liked any excuse to add shredded cheese to just about anything.  We had friends over for taco night last night, and I thought I’d complicate the proceedings by making my own corn tortillas. I’ve recently started reading Gluten-free Girl and the Chef.  I’m always on the … Continue reading

Roasted Zucchini and Potato Tacos with Mole and Avocado (vegan and gluten-free)

chocolate and zucchini event 020 (2)

It’s Zucchini Chocolate Blog Party, take two!  Did you catch my first recipe, Mini Molten Chocolate Cakes? This recipe takes the blog party guidelines in a whole other direction.  I made a roasted veggie taco with zucchini and purple potatoes, covered in a homemade mole sauce and topped with avocado.  I had these on corn tortillas, making them both vegan and gluten-free.  I just cut the veggies into similar sized pieces, doused them in olive oil and sea salt, and roasted them in the oven at 400 degrees for ~45min.  I love the zucchini and purple potato combination, but mushrooms … Continue reading

Spicy Black Bean Burgers with Blue Cheese and Avocado


The idea for these burgers came from a pieced together family barbeque.  The “kids” were sent off to the store to pick up some extra ingredients for the impromptu grill out, and J and I went on a search for veggie burgers.  At this point we realized we’re now totally useless in any grocery store that isn’t Berkeley Bowl.  I couldn’t find anything!  Friends finally helped us find the veggie burgers (near the fish sticks), and we grabbed some blue cheese crumbles (near the tomato sauce?!).  We got Morningstar Spicy Black Bean burgers, and they were great for a frozen … Continue reading

A Salad for Tax Season

When I was young and foolish, I actually liked doing my taxes. I did them on paper, with the little workbook next to me, adding up everything in pencil with an eraser close at hand. After I had checked through everything, and gleefully totaled up the amount of my refund, I would happily copy everything over onto the real forms in definitive pen. I felt grown up, and I was proud of myself for deciphering the tax code and its truly mystifying instructions and subparts. Perhaps I had more time, or more patience then. I know I certainly had fewer … Continue reading