Shimmy Pop


I’m always so impressed when I see choreographed dance routines.  Despite my gymnastics background, I have positively no dance skills.  I quit ballet at the age of five because I hated having to wear makeup for the recital.   I also have no rhythm.  My piano teacher had my parents buy me a metronome that only barely helped me keep time, and years later when I led warmups for taekwondo, my instructor only half joked that I should pull out that same metronome to help keep a consistent count. So when Rachel suggested I come out to Shimmy Pop, a group … Continue reading

Timed Mile PR!

2011 running goal

My first time attending the Berkeley Lululemon run club was back in March, right after the Oakland half marathon.  Only four of us ran that day, and we went up to the dirt track and did a timed mile.  My legs were still pretty trashed, and every step of that mile that I tried to sprint felt heavy and uncomfortable.  I finished in 9:42, which was far, far away from what I felt like a good mile time should be. When we got back to the store four miles later, we wrote down our 2011 running goals.  Coming off my … Continue reading

Pizza with Vegan Cashew Cheese: Inspired by Gather Restaurant


Gather is one of my favorite restaurants in Berkeley.  The restaurant has this great cozy ambience with lots of cool details.  The menu has a great mix of comfort foods, and incredibly creative pairings.  (Their vegan charcuterie is always fascinating, and while I can’t always figure out every component despite the helpful tableside guide, everything tastes amazing.)  Plus their cocktails are creative and multi-faceted and just fun to try.  My favorite thing at Gather though, is their vegan pizza with kalamata olives and cashew puree.  The cheese is melty and drippy, and tastes like… cheese.  I can’t explain it.  It’s … Continue reading

Foodbuzz Tasting Pavilion


  I had a very chill and boring weekend on the schedule.  Some errands, some cleaning, some cooking, nothing exciting.  Then Friday night, I exchanged this string of tweets with Courtney: Suddenly my weekend got way more exciting! Saturday afternoon, I braved BART and made my way into the city to meet up with Courtney, Cate and Alyssa.  The fourth floor of the Metreon complex was completely overwhelmed with food samples and bloggers.  Most of the tables missed my camera; we were too busy eating and talking!   Wine country soda (the pinot noir was my favorite, and they’re stocked … Continue reading

Berkeley Lululemon Run Club


Last week’s run club was pretty special to me, but I was afraid to write about it before it happened in case I jinxed anything.  I got to lead the beginner group for the first time!  I’ve been going to run club since March, and I usually tag along with the “experienced” group.  Several weeks ago during one of our runs, Rachel mentioned that they were looking to find some new run club leaders from the community.  I dorkily shot my hand up as we were running down Dwight Hill and said “ooo me!  I would LOVE to lead a … Continue reading

A Saturday Trip to the Berkeley Farmers’ Market

warty pumpkin

We’re sort of between seasons in Berkeley right now.  (Unlike in Boston, where winter came early!)  There were warty pumpkins at the market. And all kinds of squash. But there are still tables full of tomatoes at the market, even though our backyard tomato plants have given up for the season. Beautiful heirloom tomatoes in all shades. Many varieties of plums were available. Plus gorgeous fresh beans, and cartons full of colorful peppers. I picked up plums and pears, some fresh rosemary bread, a dozen eggs, and a little bag of chanterelle mushrooms.  I also grabbed this delicious tart for … Continue reading

Hilly Adventures

I can feel myself falling more in love with Berkeley with every passing day.  I feel like the sun is baking into my bones, and that each corner holds a new breathtaking view or adventure.  I’m not a stop and smell the flowers kind of girl; I’m much more likely to forge ahead to be first to the finish line than I am to stop and take it all in. Yet somehow Berkeley seems to slow me down.  I can grocery shop for hours, meander along the bike path, or fall asleep in our backyard on my yoga mat.  I … Continue reading