The Accidental Vegetarian: Part I

I feel fairly certain that when I was in college I didn’t actually know what veganism was, though I probably had a passing familiarity with vegetarianism. I don’t remember any of my friends being vegetarian though. Looking back on the available dining options, I’m also certain that being vegan or even vegetarian at my university would have been a difficult thing. I actually have a pretty good sense of how much meat was in my own diet because I vividly remember that it was difficult for me to give up meat on Fridays in Lent. I remember wishing that I … Continue reading

Alone in the Kitchen

Alone in the Kitchen with an Eggplant is the book that jump-started my love for cooking, food, and food writing. Jenni Ferrari-Adler is the editor of this adorable collection of foodie essays. I first read this book just after college, and the idea of cooking just for yourself spoke to me, despite my relatively limited cooking history. In college I subsisted on canned soup, macaroni and cheese, the cafeteria salad bar, and Subway (A good friend of mine lived in an apartment over Subway, and to this day the smell of Subway makes me think of her). I made a … Continue reading