Chocolate Coconut Chia Pudding


Some foods inspire an instant an intense reaction.  No one “kind of likes” chia seeds.  With chia seeds, and certainly chia drinks like the Synergy or Mama Chia drink, the love/hate reaction is instantaneous.  My camp describes these drinks as “refreshing” and “delicious.”  The other camp might choose words like “slimy” and “disgusting.”  Chia seeds are slimy in liquid, but that doesn’t put me off them in the slightest.  If you land solidly in the “slimy” and “disgusting” camp, then this is NOT the dessert for you.  Might I point you towards my mini molten chocolate cakes instead? Chia seeds … Continue reading

Kale Coconut Salad


When you move to California (having never even visited before), you falsely feel like you have some sense of the place.  TV and movies promise palm trees, sunshine, and surfers.  While I knew I was moving to Northern California and not San Diego, I was still surprised our first morning here (in August no less), that I needed to pull on a sweatshirt to go search out a local coffee shop.  I always find myself explaining to friends and relatives back home that my part of California is usually always 67 degrees.  Even in August.  Even in November. So this … Continue reading

Macaroon Tart: Recipe


So I promised you a recipe.  It’s not precisely mine to share, so you’ll have to go to 101 Cookbooks to get the exact details.  I just swapped out the cherries for blackberries and strawberries because that’s what I had on hand, and also because pitting cherries is a dreadful chore.  Especially when you don’t own a cherry pitter. Heidi’s recipes have never steered me wrong, and this tart was surprisingly simple.  I have vague memories of making a fruit tart that involved multiple steps, many ingredients, a sticky, gloppy glaze, and far too many temper tantrums on my part.  … Continue reading

Macaroon Tart


I’m too tired to even think about dessert right now (a rare and shocking event), but trust me you’re going to want to make this tart.  All I can offer you tonight is this picture; more to follow shortly.  In the meantime, I hope posting this will let me dream sweet dreams of coconut and raspberries.  Who needs sugarplum dreams when it’s berry season?

Recovery Snack Macaroons


I love coconut.  Love, love, love coconut.  I sneak it into cakes and brownies and oatmeal, and no Mounds or Almond Joy is safe in my house.  Despite my love for coconut, I came late to macaroons.  They weren’t a cookie I grew up with; I came from a classic chocolate chip cookie house.  I first started to obsess think about macaroons as they made many repeat appearances on The Fitnessista.  Gina’s ‘roons are always drool-worthy. I’ve played with a bunch of macaroon recipes in the last few years, and I didn’t really have a favorite.  Over the last few … Continue reading

The Best Piece of Chocolate I’ve Ever Eaten


I picked this up by accident, or perhaps by divine intervention, while at Berkeley Bowl.  I had run in to the store, just to pick up vitamins, and found myself in the totally crazy natural foods aisle.  The foods that stock the natural foods aisle in most grocery stores just have normal homes in Berkeley Bowl.  We’re crunchy like that. This aisle in Berkeley Bowl is home to things like maca powder and marshmallow root.  My hand was drawn to the coconut cacao cup by an almost magnetic attraction.  This was nearly stopped short, by a price tag of $2.85 … Continue reading