Blended Vegetable Soups


Fall and winter are nearly upon us in Berkeley.  That means that it gets darker earlier, that it’s about 5 degrees cooler outside, and the fog descends in the morning and doesn’t burn off until lunch.  While Berkeley fall and winter can hardly compete with Boston’s cool crisp days turning to cold snowy days, it still feels like soup weather.  Somehow, I just seem to know that it’s time to pack away the shorts and tank tops and pull out the sweaters and boots, even if the weather would still be considered warm if we were back in Boston.  Along … Continue reading

Grilled Cheese with Sharp Cheddar, Apples and Whole Grain Mustard


So I’ve written about this sandwich before.  But really, it merits a second entry.  It was one of my very first blog posts, and I wasn’t even attempting to take food pictures at that point.  Plus, it’s been nearly a year, and I still look forward to this sandwich. It’s super simple to make, but incredibly satisfying.  I press it on a Foreman grill, but you could definitely butter the outside and grill it like a more typical grilled cheese. Simply slice up some of the sharpest cheddar cheese you can find, and half an apple (I always eat the … Continue reading

Comfort Food: Poached Eggs in Tomato Sauce


This dish is pretty new in my comfort food rotation.   Others, like my perfect grilled cheese sandwich or a simple breakfast for dinner have been making last minute appearances at my dinner table for years.  I’ll admit that I was skeptical about poaching eggs in tomato sauce, but several months ago I was on a poached egg kick.  Poached eggs on sandwiches, on salads, on grain bowls, you name it, I’d topped it with a poached egg.  So while I was skeptical, I simply had to try it. The preparation is so simple.  Just heat up tomato sauce (I doctor … Continue reading

Breakfast for Dinner: Scrambled Eggs with Goat Cheese and Roasted Potatoes


When you’re tired or just don’t have that much time to cook, breakfast for dinner comes together so easily.   Breakfast for dinner just feels more casual.  Like you should be eating it on the couch with your pajamas on, probably curled up with a loved one and a blanket.  On the nights that I go to run club and J is busy, we’ll often have this for dinner. I come in the door and cut up the potatoes, drizzle on some olive oil and Lawry’s seasoning salt, and toss them in the oven at 400 degrees.  By the time I’ve … Continue reading

Taco Night and Making Your Own Corn Tortillas


Taco night is something J and I both loved as children.  J says he loved how interactive the meal was, that everyone was reaching around, having fun together and adding things to their tacos.  I remember my sister and I chorusing “Tacos!” whenever my mom asked us what we wanted for dinner.  I also liked any excuse to add shredded cheese to just about anything.  We had friends over for taco night last night, and I thought I’d complicate the proceedings by making my own corn tortillas. I’ve recently started reading Gluten-free Girl and the Chef.  I’m always on the … Continue reading

Single Girl Food


I have a number of “cooking for one” type cookbooks from when I lived alone right after college.  I’m just generally fascinated by the different types of food that we cook for just ourselves when we don’t have other people to feed.  A couple of books actually examine this topic, including “Alone in the Kitchen with an Eggplant” (one of my favorites!) and “What We Eat When We Eat Alone.”  We all have those weird things that we eat all by ourselves, that perhaps don’t make up a proper meal.  I tend to adore breakfast for dinner, so I’ll make … Continue reading

A Perfect Snack: Popcorn with Truffle Salt


You may have seen me raving about this snack on twitter lately. Because if you can be addicted to truffle salt, I have a problem.  I even tried to participate in #fitblog while eating my favorite snack but this didn’t go over so well.  See, I have this strange habit of eating my popcorn with chopsticks.  Chopsticks+popcorn+typing was less than easy, but I managed.  I started eating popcorn with chopsticks when I was in college.  I did taekwondo, and my black belt test was coming up.  My instructor at the time told me that he wouldn’t let me pass the … Continue reading

Zucchini Week: Zucchini Noodle Lasagna


Our single zucchini plant is taking over the garden.  Looking back to when we first planted it, it’s hard to imagine that it has grown so much.  We’ve finally reached the stage that the plant and its leaves are so big that we have hidden zucchini.  Even though we try to check it carefully, we keep being greeted in the mornings by surprise zucchini that have managed to grow to the size of a toddler seemingly overnight.  Thanks to this phenomenon, I’m christening this week “Zucchini Week” here on B2B, where you’ll have the fun of seeing me try to … Continue reading

Homemade Veggie Sausage Pizza


Fake meats (think chik’n or fakin bacon) have always freaked me out.  Before I was vegetarian I could not understand why someone would rather eat substitutes than the real thing.  Since I’ve become vegetarian, all I can think is that those products are so full of gross chemicals and preservatives.  I like tofu and tempeh, and I’ve been interested in seitan, but I just can’t understand consuming lots of chemicals to eat a reproduction of a meat product. A few weeks back I saw that Cate had made her own seitan.  She made it look both simple and tasty.  As … Continue reading

Berry Season: Strawberries and blueberries and raspberries, oh my!


Berry season is my favorite time of the year.  You know the Staples commercial for back to school, where the parents frolic through Staples singing It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year ?  Well that’s how I feel about berry season.  I mean just look at the snacks you can have in the spring. The ultimate fruit salad, all good stuff and no filler: Strawberries and kiwis: tasty and colorful.   Raspberries and peaches, just about the best springtime combo   The only thing that makes berry season less than perfect this year is that I haven’t found a … Continue reading