Yuppie Nachos

Yuppie Nachos

I love many things about Berkeley, but I’ve yet to stumble across (or find through obsessive yelping and googling) a restaurant in Berkeley that characterizes a total Boston type for me. I’m looking for a pub with cozy booths made of dark wood and a loud but friendly vibe. The menu has plenty of bar classics, but some good veggie options and specials that signify a creative chef, or perhaps just one who wants more of a challenge than grilling burgers. The beer list is well populated with microbrews and rotates seasonally so you can appropriately celebrate summer with the … Continue reading

Spicy Sopa de Ajo

I truly admire “real” food bloggers. Their diligence amazes me. I never think to photograph my food until I’m halfway through dinner, thinking “wow, this would make a great recipe for the blog.” Tonight will also be picture-less unfortunately, partially because I’m not on top of things, but also because this dinner came together so quickly I would barely have had time to photograph the prep anyways. Supposedly it’s winter here in California. Based on the shorts I wore on my run this afternoon, I’m not sure I believe it. Still, I’ve been craving cozy, winter comfort food. Plus, even … Continue reading

Grown up Kid Food

For Christmas one year when we were little, my sister and I each got a kids’ cookbook. I remember how cool we thought they were because they were for kids like us. I don’t know whether cooking seemed inaccessible, but we loved these cookbooks with recipes that we could make (mostly) by ourselves. I still remember many of the recipes, especially “flat tacos,” which on second thought were really just nachos. The recipes I remember were serious kid food, with various takes on burgers, tacos, and chicken nuggets, so maybe that’s really why we loved the food. The dinner I … Continue reading

(Currently) Perfect Grilled Cheese

Grilled cheese (with tomato soup!) is one of the ultimate comfort foods.  When I was little the cheese was American, and the soup was Campbell’s.  Since then I’ve spun off this perfect combination in many ways.  We’ve stayed more traditional, just swapping the American cheese for sharp cheddar, the white bread for wheat, and the Campbell’s for some easy but delicious roasted tomato and basil soup.  We’ve swapped out all kinds of cheese in the sandwich, and even added the tomatoes to the sandwich.  (I’ve made a killer sandwich with cheddar, gorgonzola and tomatoes for J).  The soups have covered … Continue reading