A Perfect Birthday Celebration


So I sort of jumped the gun on my birthday and celebrated it last weekend, even though this Sunday was my proper birthday.  About a month ago I saw a totally convenient direct, flight to Boston for under $300 the week before my birthday.  So I did the logical thing and bought it immediately and then promptly informed my friends and family.  The whole trip actually worked out perfectly.  Three of my four cousins were also home for the weekend, and we all went to the youngest cousin’s high school musical (we thought she was the best in the whole … Continue reading

Two Weeks of Boston Weddings


I’ve been putting the Boston in Boston2Berkeley over the last few weeks.  One of my best friends and my sister got married two weeks apart.  I like to think they scheduled that conveniently just for me! Good friends!  It’s always nice to go home and see everyone.   Gorgeous (and tasty!) wedding cake.  I failed massively at taking a picture of our dinner, mostly because I ate it so fast.  The vegetarian option was a crepe filled with black beans, roasted red peppers, and goat cheese, and topped with a spicy jalapeno cream sauce.  It was amazing, and so great … Continue reading

Cupcakes and Champagne: A Brunch Bridal Shower


The last few weeks have been a total whirlwind, between a week long work conference, some work craziness while I was home, and a crazy trip back to Boston for two bridal showers and a bachelorette party, things have been nutty!  My sister’s bridal shower had been preceded by months of emails and planning, yet somehow seeing 42 people actually standing all on my parents’ back deck was a little different then just seeing the number 42 on the list of RSVPs.. yikes!  We had a brunch menu with mimosas, and my mom and my aunt did serious kitchen duty … Continue reading