Our Berkeley Garden: Week Six


It’s been a while now, and I’m totally amazed at how our garden has taken off.  Looking back to week one, I was so worried that nothing would grow!  We have lettuce coming out of our ears, and I haven’t had to buy kale, swiss chard, or zucchini from the grocery store in the last month.  When we first planted the garden, everything had so much space.  Now the lettuce and the kale are all crowding together, and the zucchini plant is out of control. Or, to put it a little more in perspective: We’re growing kitten sized zucchini over … Continue reading

Our Berkeley Garden: Week Three


Did you miss week one or week two? This past weekend, J put in a drip line for our garden.  I still walk outside every morning, only this time to turn on the drip line instead of dragging the hose over to the raised bed, and I marvel at how everything is actually growing!  Can you tell? Here are our planters with the tomato, and one with lots of basil. And here’s the weekly update on the flame lettuce: The scale on these pictures hasn’t been the same week to week, but trust me, the lettuce is definitely growing!  I’m … Continue reading

Our Berkeley Garden: Week Two


Did you miss week one? Check it out here! We had a few days of rain in week two, and our garden absolutely loved it.  I swear I walk outside every morning and look at the garden, and I’m convinced that it’s grown from just the evening before.  Continuing the catch up theme, here are the pictures from week two of our garden.  Everything is growing! That’s one of our little serrano pepper plants in the foreground. and here’s the flame lettuce.  I swear he’s bigger.   I can’t believe everything is actually growing and looks healthy! 

Our Berkeley Garden: Week One


This post is a little late in coming.  Three weeks ago, J and I went to the plant sale at the Edible Schoolyard in Berkeley.  This is an annual fundraiser for the school, and the students plant seeds and then label and sell all the seedlings.  The Edible Schoolyard was amazing.  Outside of the school is this huge garden, that rambled over a lot of land and seemed like the perfect play space.  The kids at the sale were so knowledgeable and helpful.  Plus, the sale was just part of the event.  There was a bake sale, raffles, and tons … Continue reading