Mango and Ginger Smoothie with Spinach


I absolutely go through breakfast ruts.  The word rut implies an issue with the repetition though, and I revel in the repetition.  I don’t eat the same thing every day because I can’t think of something new to make, rather, I wake up each morning excited to make and eat exactly the same thing I made the day before. In the winter I can happily go for weeks eating steel cut oats with a banana and almond butter.  These breakfast tacos started off all my spring mornings, and this pomegranate yogurt bowl was a regular feature in breakfasts before that.  … Continue reading

Swamp Soup

It’s not a super appetizing name, but I still kind of love it.  I make this soup when I feel like I need a massive amount of vegetables.  Post-Christmas cookie binge, I knew that swamp soup would be necessary. I was first introduced to the idea of this soup on 101 Cookbooks , which is one of my go to blogs. Now that I’ve moved to Berkeley, I secretly delight in being able to find some of Heidi’s esoteric ingredients. Between Berkeley Bowl and the farmers’ market at the Ferry Building, I find myself stalking up on things like pomegranate … Continue reading