Wheat Berry, Lentil and Butternut Squash Salad with Balsamic Reduction


Have you ever had a coworker peer over your shoulder at your lunch and proclaim “wow! that looks really … healthy…”  Let me warn you in advance that this salad will definitely get the reaction.  So just calmly thank your coworker because you’ll be prepared. I’ve failed to make a balsamic reduction about ten million times.  I’ve reduced not enough and just had extra pungent vinegar.  I’ve reduced too much and made rock candy.  I’m still not sure what voodoo magic J had to work to save that pan.  By some rule of randomness, I finally succeeded, but I’m not … Continue reading

Cornmeal Crusted Fillet with Tomato-Caper Sauce


A few weeks ago I read a number of different articles in the New York times about food.  This is an everyday occurrence for me; I usually read both the health section and the dining section of the New York times, plus anything Mark Bittman wrote.  On this particular day, I enjoyed an article on the Mediterranean Diet and an article by Mark Bittman on the various ways to cook a white fillet of fish.  Reading the Bittman article, I had a sudden flash of inspiration (and random flashes of culinary inspiration are rare for me, so this one was … Continue reading

Goat Cheese and French Lentils

goat cheese with lentils

What makes lentils French? The Cooks’ Thesauraus says that French lentils, or Puy lentils get their name from their original place of cultivation. They were grown in Puy, France, in volcanic soil. I have a general sense that volcanic soil would be extra rich in nutrients, and this article suggests that might be right. Still, I like French lentils because they are green, and also because they are little and cute. I think they taste earthier and more complex than red lentils, and I love that they hold their shape and texture when they’re cooked, instead of turning all mushy. … Continue reading