Spectating at the Oakland Marathon


Today was supposed to be my PR attempt at the half marathon.  Unfortunately a hip flexor injury took that dream away a few weeks ago.  I was upset (for about ten minutes), but ultimately I want to have many years of running to look forward to.  Oakland is my favorite race, so while I was sad not to run in it for a second year, I had a fantastic time taking photos and cheering everyone on. The Lululemon cheer station was neon themed, and we definitely had the best signs.  We were at mile 22 of the full marathon and … Continue reading

Three Weeks to the Oakland Half Marathon!


Yikes.  How did the race sneak up on me like that?  Oh yes, I was pretending it didn’t exist so that I’d have lots of time for my crazy injury to heal.  I wish I could say I was 100%, but I fear 80% is a little closer.  Still, I ran 7 miles successfully on Saturday morning.  I don’t have any specific pain to complain of, but my running still feels just a little “off.”  I’ve decided if I can run 10 miles this coming weekend, then I will run Oakland for fun.  Looking back on this week (my first … Continue reading

A Strained Hip Flexor


I put off writing this post, skipping what should have been training plan updates on my path to the Oakland Half Marathon in 5 weeks.  I kept hoping everything would right itself, and I’d be able to post a great update and mention off hand that I’d taken a few days off for some pain in my hip, but now all was well. Sadly, that’s now what this post is about.  I haven’t run in two weeks.  Three Thursdays ago now, I did a killer workout.  6 long hills (0.2 miles each) at 5k pace, straight up into the Berkeley … Continue reading

Oakland Half Marathon Training: Week 5


This was a week full of lots of random aches and pains.  I pulled something in my left quad, and while it doesn’t hurt to run, it’s sore just walking around on it.  Also, the tops of my feet are sore, and my hill workout (literally!) kicked my butt.  I took an extra rest day this week, and I’m really glad I did.  I’ve been living in my compression socks, and “The Stick” is permanently attached to my hand. Last week in summary: Monday: (scheduled 4-5 long hills at 5k pace) 6 miles Tuesday: (scheduled 4 miles) rest Wednesday: (scheduled … Continue reading

Oakland Half Marathon Training: Week 4


It was a pretty good training week.  My plan called for 31 miles this week, but since I’m only running 5 days a week instead of 6, I’m feeling pretty good about this week’s 29 miles.  Though I’m tempted to run out the door and cram in 2 more miles, I’m trying to respect the rest days.  I’ve basically just cut the weekend 3 miler off the Cool Running schedule in favor of an extra rest day This week was a little bit of a cut back week, but had a quality 6 miles workout on Monday.  I don’t really … Continue reading

Oakland Half Marathon Training


I just finished Week 3 of my training plan for the Oakland Half Marathon.  The first two weeks were a little abbreviated because I strained something in my left foot.  Luckily, I seem to have put that to rest, and week 3 was terrific.  (You can follow me on DailyMile here) I’m loosely following this Cool Running intermediate half marathon training plan.  I used their beginner plan with great success for my first half marathon.  I’m running 5 days a week instead of 6, but doing slightly more mileage for my long run.   This week’s long run was meant … Continue reading