Polenta Pancakes with Cranberry Clementine Syrup


I love weekend breakfasts.  Truly, breakfast is my favorite meal, and during the week I rotate through oatmeal, bowls of fruit with quinoa or wheat berries, and even the occasional fried egg with toast.  Weekend breakfasts are a whole other meal though.  The goal is no longer just to fuel you quickly on the way out the door.  Rather, weekend breakfasts for me are about relaxing, and taking the time in the morning to cook something delicious to start the day off on a happy note.  I like french toast and pancakes for my weekend breakfasts, but always with a … Continue reading

Oatmeal Pancakes

oatmeal cardamom pancakes

I adore weekend mornings. Breakfast is my favorite meal, and the weekends offer plenty of time to devote to a meal more involved than pouring a bowl of cereal. Weekends also usually promise enough sleep to come up with more creative recipe ideas. Forget dreams of sugarplums, I wake on Saturday morning thinking “huevos rancheros or french toast?” My current favorite homemade Saturday morning meal is brioche french toast with a raspberry sauce. Sweet and tart, and practically a guarantee of a good weekend to come. So as a lover of breakfast, and also a lover of Bittman, when The … Continue reading