A Fully Stocked Pantry


A while back I promised my friend Alex a pantry post, and it’s been sitting half completed in my drafts folder for weeks.  She reminded me about it this weekend, so I finished it up for you. A large chunk of my pantry is stocked from the bulk section at my grocery store.  I always have a few kinds of dried beans and grains, plus nutritional yeast in glass jars.  Right now, I have green lentils, snowcap beans, and Christmas lima beans on hand.  For grains I have brown rice, wild rice, quinoa, and wheat berries.  All of these are … Continue reading

Pantry Meals

After getting back from Boston and the blizzard, I’ve been putting off going grocery shopping. I love grocery shopping, and Berkeley Bowl is in the running to be one of my favorite places in California (sad, I know). I just wanted to see what meals I could make us from the pantry, and see if we could survive without a trip to the grocery store this week. So far I haven’t been to the grocery store, but I’ve realized that I completely depend on fresh produce. Oh for some greens! And fresh fruit! With that said, here are some meals … Continue reading