Tomatoes and Peppers Stuffed with Quinoa, Zucchini and Pesto


We’ve been over run with produce lately.  Between the bounty of our garden and our CSA deliveries, I’ve needed to come up with some creative, veggie heavy recipes.  A girl can only eat so many salads! This recipe used our kitten sized zucchini: Plus a full harvest from our crazy basil plants (which grew all the basil leaves we’d picked back by the next day) Our CSA box contributed tomatoes and some sweet gypsy peppers, and our pantry contributed the quinoa.  Every time I make quinoa I have to look up the ratio, so I’m writing it down here.  One … Continue reading

Anytime Pesto

Growing up, my first recollection of pesto was from a cross country pasta party.  I’m not sure how pesto and I hadn’t crossed paths until I was 16, but somehow we had existed in separate spheres.  I’d like to be able to describe a rapturous first meeting, but I wasn’t the most adventurous 16 year old, and the pasta looked oily and green.  Still, I remember how excited a number of the other girls were, but I’m certain I stuck with ziti and marinara. Somewhere along the way I “discovered” basil.  I have loved and killed a number of basil … Continue reading